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The best PC DAC in the world?

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Re: The best PC DAC in the world?

Post by sdanicic » 18 Mar 2009, 15:20

Gerner wrote:Pals

Likely when I'm in Munich for the High-End fair 2009 I shall receive the most likely best ever NOS-DAC exsisting. :yahoo

Something that is still not 100% finished, but will until then, as only the cabinet design is left to be decided. Will be very beautiful.

I have pics of the inmades, but wait a little, then I can show you everything. =D>

The company S2S are now finalising what I would assume is/will be the best ever sounding DAC created and when I say DAC, I mean of course a a genuin HW player. Genuin because many manufacturers call their DAC's HW players, such as Sonus etc etc....but that is merely just a computer with some play back SW screwed in, i.e. Foobar. OK nothing wrong with that, but this is different.

I couldn't find any "hi-fi or DAC" related references to S2S Audio company on Net, so my question is are we talking about product which will be commercially available or not?

Also, as DejanM and myself will be also in Munich during Hi-End fair, first round is mine :o:o

Nov korisnik
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Re: The best PC DAC in the world?

Post by Clarkden » 19 Oct 2010, 00:24

Gerner wrote:Well Guys I hope you can follow, the producer wrote:

During yesterday’s testing, I got another idea to improve the SPDIF design further. As any high end sources should be in the range of +/-50ppm (Level 1), I will give my elastic synchronisation buffer between SPDIF clock and oven clock a natural logarithmic behaviour. Therefore most of the buffer is for the Level 1 range available, but still covering poor devices up to +/-1000ppm (Level 2). So, I do not have to limit the DAC for level 1 devices only.
Furthermore, some other minor ideas for improving the very slow acting synchronisation circuit will be implemented today.

To give you an idea:

+/- 2,7ppm -> 2150 sec buffer
+/- 7,39 ppm -> 784 sec buffer
+/- 20,08 ppm -> 289 sec buffer
+/- 54,6 ppm -> 106 sec buffer
+/- 148,4 ppm -> 39 sec buffer
+/- 403,4 ppm -> 14 sec buffer
+/- 1096,6 ppm -> 5 sec buffer

PS: My CD player is about 25 ppm faster than the oven clock, which is very well within the Level 1 limits.

Gerner :D

good job Gerner
Thanks for the information.


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